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SUBSEA TECH Sarl is an engineering company based in Marseilles (France) specialized in the design, the fabrication and the sale / rental of intervention and instrumentation systems for underwater and marine applications, for Oil & Gas, Naval, and Defence industries, as well as for underwater civil works and scientific laboratories.

Subsea Tech also proposes consultancy and technical assistance services, in the field of marine and underwater technologies, and welcomes partnership in EU or other funded projects.

Its multidisciplinary team has a strong knowhow in the development of underwater systems but also a significant experience in marine operations, which gives their works a very pragmatic approach.


Subsea Tech offers :

  • Economical and technical feasibility studies, consultancy services, technical assistance
  • Detailed studies, including mechanics, electrical and control systems for underwater / marine instrumentation and intervention systems
  • Fabrication, assembly and trials (workshop and sea trials) of such systems
  • Rental of mini ROV and pilots, for inspection and intervention down to 150 m water depth


Subsea Tech is  a certified "Research Organisation" by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Subsea Tech is a member of research clusters "Pole Mer PACA" (underwater and maritime activities, Toulon) and "OPTITEC" (vision and image treatment, Marseilles)




Subsea Tech

167, plage de l’Estaque
13016 Marseille

Tel : +33 (0)4 91 51 76 71
Mail : contact@subsea-tech.com
Enquiries : sales@subsea-tech.com



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SARL au capital de 60 000 € - N°Siren 485 282 370 RCS Marseille Code APE 7112B
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